I am Georgina Burley. I am trained as an Industrial Designer, but pottery has stolen my heart. For as long as my memory goes back I have made things. Now professionally, I call myself a designer-maker.


It is my aim to help people to understand what’s involved in the ceramics making process. It’s a process full of creativity, skilfulness and touch, materials, patience and a prayer that the kiln will be kind.

My practice is about far more than just the finished object. The development of skill and knowledge as a craftswoman is the key to my freedom. I find joy in the feeling of clay passing through my hands, find satisfaction in trimming smooth ribbons of clay off the base of a vessel, and find thrill in opening the kiln to unveil my unique beauties. The dork in me finds stimulation from experimenting with glazes and different properties of clay. And my mind finds its creative climax by cultivating clay into considered, balanced, beautiful form.