Coppend is a sculptural light piece inspired by the branches of Australian Eucalyptus trees. Copper pipe has many beautiful characteristics. It’s orange hues shine brilliantly during the day and the warm LED strip lighting, shining out from within the structural pipes, creates a radiant glowing ambience. When dimmed to a glow, the copper appears to be red hot, and an exquisite atmosphere results. Simultaneously, a useful task light emits directly downwards from another LED strip. The combination of warm ambient light and task lighting has countless applications.

The Details

Year of design: 2014

Materials:  ¾” and ½” Hard Drawn Copper Pipe, wire cable

Electrical specifications: Flexible 12V LED strip light in warm white, 12VDC LED driver, dimmable

Dimensions: 970mm x 440mm x 185mm

Weight: 2.9 kg

Early Days