Fou, pronounced foo, is an adjective that derives from the French word crazy; intensely enthusiastic, wonderful, excellent, perfect, mad, unusual.The design of Fou was generated from sketches of a little monster-like creature with big googly eyes and a large mouth. An image that often leads to nostalgic reflection upon childhood memories.Personifying an object is an idea that drives this design. In my opinion, value and connection to an object are created when it becomes something more than a utilitarian product.

The simple aesthetic involves two large light bulbs, drawing connotations to being eyes, which invokes notions of facial expression. Fou conveys different emotions such as being content, shocked or angry, all of which change according to the viewing angle of the user.The interpretation of the form according to the individual’s imagination sprouts a unique connection between the object and the user.The warm amber light emitted by the bulb instils a calming mood within the room, without the use of a dimmer.The multi-sensory experience created by the form and light output will create a serene mood in many households and commercial locations.


the Details

Year of design: 2013

Materials: The shell that creates the form of the piece is blown from recycled glass, marine grade stainless steel suspension wire cable, Nickel pendant lampholder Edison E27 fitting 

Electrical specifications: Vintage Edison round squirrelcage tungsten filament bulb, 3-core earth braided cloth cable cord 

Dimensions: 345 x 285 x 240 mm